Factors to Consider when Designing a Logo for Yourself

22 Jan

A logo is one of the things that makes your business stand out hence it's very important in branding. Its something to do with vision and clients so you have to ensure its passing information that is right. Its simply a trademark that is used to recognize you due to its uniqueness. There are professional firms for making logos but the current technology has enabled making logos by yourself online.

This article will outline some of the critical factors to consider when designing a logo by yourself.


Even as the designs of logos keep changing through the years, a logo needs to be very simple. Look at the examples of Nike and Apple, anyone can spot them at the first glance. However, before you can have a simple sign for a logo, make sure it has grown its roots globally and people can recognize the brand at the blink of an eye. Also remember, logos exist in various sizes and formats and so they should have fewer words, colors, shapes to make it easy to remember. Additionally, do some good spacing.


This is another aspect you should never forget. Remember, different colors have different meanings and consider if it matches with your products and organization as a whole.  The available colors are many so you just need to be creative and blend them well.  If you are searching for recommendations, get solid flat colors as they are better when it comes to reproducing in the printing processes. Again, if you are having a babysitting service to offer, the logo can be colorful.  Learn more about logos at http://money.cnn.com/2016/02/02/news/companies/uber-logo-rebrand/index.html.


Another thing to look into is the how flexible the logo can be since its going to be used in various platforms. Make sure it can be printed or embroidered and adjusted in several ways. For instance, you are going to print the logo on say banners, business cards, brochures and magazines among others. Hence, design it with the possible uses in mind ensuring it can work with nay background color. Click here to visit website!


Logos are meant to leave a lasting impression in the potential customer's mind. Since you have competitors, you need to make it as memorable as you can so that you can stand out of the substitute products and services. Know more here!


As we have seen, the above factors affect how you design your logo and the end result will impact on the overall success of your business.

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